Ken and Erin

Ken and Erin

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Come Meet Ken Pentel for Governor in St. Cloud on Sunday

Ken Pentel, gubernatorial candidate for the newly formed Ecology Democracy Party will be arriving in St. Cloud on Sunday, June 27th at Bravo Burritos located at 68 33rd Ave. S. at 7pm.
Come meet the candidate and hear about his unique campaign which addresses structural reform of the political system including proportional representation, ecological based economy and removing corporate money in our democracy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Come join Ecology Democracy Party members, supporters and friends to see our Governor candidate off on his bicycle/canoe tour of Central Minnesota.
Ken will leave from Brookview Park in Golden Valley at 11:00am this Saturday (6.26). Ken is pedaling to bring ecological consciousness and a greater democracy to politics in Minnesota.

Find us in Brookview Park from the intersection of Winnetka and Brookview Parkway just south of Winnetka and highway #55 in Golden Valley.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pentel/Wallace for Governor/Lt. Gov. of Minnesota

This is the first post from the Ken Pentel for Governor and Erin Wallace for Lieutenant Governor Campaign for Minnesota.

The Pentel/Wallace mandates seek three structural changes:
1. In our economy; Establish an ecological economy in Minnesota. Where we measure the health of the economy based upon the health of our water, air, soil and habitats.
2. The way we vote; Use proportional representation to elect representatives to the Minnesota House.
3. Who influences our government; Remove big money and corporate interference in the the people's government.

There are a variety of tools to achieve these goals.

Ken Pentel