Ken and Erin

Ken and Erin

Thursday, September 30, 2010

FBI raids - solidarity statement from KP4G (Ken Pentel for Governor)

The Ken Pentel for Governor campaign strongly opposes the tactics used by the Democratic Party controlled FBI system who raided the homes of those speaking out against the war and other atrocities that the US Government has perpetuated. We are appalled that we live in a society where citizens who are practicing their First Amendment rights have been harassed and intimidated and that the current administration feels justified in targeting peace activists to suppress dissent and diplomacy.

As mandated in the Ken Pentel for Governor campaign, we feel the political system is corrupt and broken, as their blatant actions have continually revealed. Until we open up the political system to a multi-party one, suppress the corporate money and influence in our government and provide a paradigm shift in the way we look at our economy, we can expect these unconscionable tactics to continue. We stand in support for the individuals and families that were unfairly targeted and for the pain and suffering they will encounter as they fight for justice.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sept. 27 (Monday) House Party and Tuesday Meeting

Monday, September 27th,

***Change in location***

6:00pm-Jesse Eustis and Ann Person will be hosting a house party located at 3040 Humboldt Ave S. Minneapolis 55408. The apartment is located on the upper two floors of a duplex and you need to go through the back yard to get to the entrance. There will be signs directing people to the party. Call Ann for directions at 612-747-6926

Feel free to stop by, meet other supporters and hear Ken speak on his campaign vision and goals.

Tuesday, September 28th,

7:00pm, Ken Pentel for Governor Volunteer Meeting, Andy Schuler's home, 1108 W. 28th St. #1, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Details on Campaign Events and Fundraising

  • Campaign Meeting

New location for next meeting

Ken Pentel for Governor Campaign Meeting

Sept 28th, 7:00 pm

Andy Schuler's home

1108 W. 28th St. #1

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Map of 1108 W 28th St # 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota by MapQuest

Upcoming Events


Supporters, Jesse Eustis and Ann Person will be hosting a house party for Ken on Monday, Sept 27th at 6pm, located at 2319 1st Ave. S. in Minneapolis. Feel free to stop by, meet other supporters and hear Ken speak on his campaign vision and goals.


Thursday, September 30th

12:30-1:30pm, Morris State campus. American Government class, Room S-404

4pm-Speaking at Minnesota State at the Fergus Falls campus. Library Building, Room 103

7pm, Slow Food Lakes and Prairie sponsors: Candidates Forum on Food & Agriculture. Legacy Hall, Minnesota State Fergus Falls campus

Friday, October 1st

6-8pm, Meet and Greet at Mind Body Center, 200 W. Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Monday, October 11th

6:30, Speaking at Winona State in Rochester (Details forthcoming)

Wednesday, October 13th

6:30pm- Crest View Senior Communities Candidate Forum, 4444 Reservoir Blvd. NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Thursday, October 14th

6:30-7:30 Glencoe Chamber of Commerce

Glencoe City Center, 1107 11th St. E. Glencoe

Sunday , October 24th

2:30pm La Asambleas de Derechos Civiles Candidate Forum

Incarnation-Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church 3800 Pleasant Ave S., Minneapolis

FUNDRAISER (downloadable flyer in attachment)

October 9th, 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

May Day Bookstore

301 Cedar Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55454

Directions: We are located at 301 Cedar Avenue in the heart of the West Bank community in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our store is below (and on the side of) the Hub Bike Co-Op on Cedar Avenue. Paid parking is available behind the large building that houses us and these businesses.

Several other campaign events are being organized. We will keep you updated in the next few weeks.



Help spread the word, by placing campaign events from the Events page on your personal FaceBook sites



Ken and Erin did six audio recordings for radio spots. Thus far we will buy radio spots on 950am on the Thom Hartmann show and Ring of Fire show and will be looking into other radio spots. More donations will help get us more coverage.


KMSU, Mankato State University – Ken joined a gubernatorial forum with other minor party candidates on September 18th. We are waiting for the forum to be placed on the archive links at:

Audio Archives – KMSU FM – Minnesota State University, Mankato


Ken and Erin completed the Political Courage Test for CNN. We will send more information once it is posted on their website:

Campaign materials were sent by request to Democracy in Action in Washington, DC for their gubernatorial campaign archives.


If we can get $5.00 from 200 people, we can buy 25 minutes of radio ads

If we can get $10.00 from 100 people, we can print up enough campaign flyers for the next 3 weeks

If we can get $20.00 from 50 people, we can pay for travels expenses for Ken’s campaign trail through November 2nd.

If 45 supporters purchase t-shirts, we can defray the State Fair booth expenses.

It’s easy, donate online at: Billing Information - PayPal

or send payment to:

Ken Pentel for Governor

P.O. Box 3872

Minneapolis, MN 55403


Help spread the word across the state.

We have been sending out packets of campaign literature and buttons to some outer state supporters. If you are interested in receiving a packet to share in your community with friends, family and neighbors email the volunteer link at and specify the amount of materials you’d like and provide your address and contact information.

As mentioned in earlier campaign updates, your pressure on the media is essential. Thanks to all of the supporters who have made calls, written Letters to the Editor and educated the media on including all candidates on the ballot. Keep up the pressure through November 2nd!


Danene Provencher

Co-campaign Manager

Ken Pentel for Governor

Monday, September 20, 2010

MPR Minor Party Candidates Debate


Four minor party candidates for Governor debate the major issues facing the state. They represent the Green Party, the Grassroots Party, the Resource Party and the Ecology Democracy Party.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ken's Calendar for Sept. 18-Oct. 24

This is the most recent calendar.
Anyone can join me at any of the dates, and/or help organize gatherings, media around those locations and times.
I may arrange a "meet the candidate" in Mankato on Saturday at the Coffee Hag.

Saturday, September 18th

7pm-Live KMSU Radio Mankato State Campus

A debate/discussion with Farheen Hakeem of the Green Party and Linda Eno of the Resources Party

Monday, September 20th

11am-noon Live MPR candidate discussion

Thursday, September 30th

4pm Speaking at Fergus Falls College.

7pm Fergus Falls College Candidate forum on Slow Food.

Thursday, October 14th

6:30-7:30 Glencoe Chamber of Commerce

Glencoe City Center, 1107 11th St. E. Glencoe

Sunday , October 24th

2:30pm La Asambleas de Derechos Civiles Candidate Forum

Incarnation-Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church 3800 Pleasant Ave S., Minneapolis

T-Shirt Sales

We now have a selection of campaign t-shirts available to purchase.
For full viewing of the three designs of shirts, go to the Contact Page on and/or view designs below.
To order a t-shirt (sizes medium, large, x-large and 2X large), click on the VOUNTEER link and include your size, name, address along with your phone number.
The cost of the t-shirts are $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping/handling.

Send $14.00 payment for t-shirt to:
Ken Pentel for Governor
P.O. Box 3872
Minneapolis, MN 55403

KP4G (on yellow shirt)
Ecology Democracy Party (on white shirt)
YES WE CAN (on navy shirt)

Article in Minnesota Trails

Hi Organizers and supporters of the Ken Pentel Campaign for Governor,
Below is a link to a recent online article in Minnesota Trails.
Ken Pentel for Governor

A Letter to our Supporters

Dear Supporters of the Ken Pentel for Governor Campaign,

We are very excited about our campaign’s progress so far. To revamp what has been accomplished since we filed for candidacy on June 1st, 2010

- Ken and campaign team members shared the Ecology Democracy Party message to the northern loop of MN, from the Twin Cities up to Staples, Brainerd, Wadena, Browerville, Maple Island Park, Little Falls, St. Cloud, Buffalo, Mound and every stop between.

- Ken actively campaigned around the metro area in July and early August.

- Campaign Fundraiser on August 6th at the Walker Community Church.

- The Ken Pentel/Erin Wallace campaign booth was a big hit at the MN State Fair from August 26 – Labor Day.

- The campaign has received an endorsement from Ralph Nader.

This campaign is unique in that we are bringing forth concepts, which will address the structural flaws in our government. Our leverage in the political arena is to push the agenda for inclusion of a multi-party system, reclaim our democracy instead of having the moneyed interests prevail and most important – let us coexist with our habitats and planet in a sustainable manner and for the generations to come.

A few words from Ken and Erin:

“Erin an I want an economy where we measure the health of the economy base upon the health of our natural resources, so, when the the water, air, soil and habitats are stronger the economy is naturally stronger. New indicators are needed to a more honest measure of a sustainable future.

We want to decentralize political power by-way of the vote, going to proportional voting for Minnesota House of Representatives, so, if your party gets 10% of the vote you get 10% of the seats IN the House.

And, we want to remove big money and corporate interference in our government, so we can get access to our own government.

To achieve all the positive outcomes "we the people" desire, structural change in the economy, the way we vote, and who influences our government has to happen first, or we will just be chasing our tails.”

Between our inception of forming a new political party in MN in early May to our current organizing efforts, we have appreciated the support and volunteer efforts all have provided. But as you know, the big bucks from the corporations do not flow, nor will we allow them to, into our campaign.

Some of our goals for the next seven weeks are:

1. Organize a fundraiser in October

2. Get Out the Vote efforts

3. Pester the media for coverage of the campaign

4. Ken on the campaign trail in the southern loop of MN including:

- an interview at Mankato State Campus on 9/18,

- a live minor party gubernatorial debate on MPR, 11am on 9/20,

- two speaking engagements at Fergus Falls College 9/30,

- a candidate forum at the Glencoe Chamber of Commerce on 10/14 and at

Incarnation-Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church on 10/24

To meet our campaign goals through November 2nd, your help is needed. To defray expenses for traveling to outer state Minnesota, printing cost for brochures, venues for fundraisers and meetings, state fair expenses, radio spots and multiple other expenses, we ask that you send a donation, however small to help us get the word out about applying real solutions to real problems. We need to notify the public that we exist and are on the ballot and your donation will make this possible.

Please contribute $10, $100, $500 or whatever you can afford right now. The limit, for those who have the means or who have recently won the lottery, is $2000.

In solidarity for the Earth,

Ken Pentel for Governor

P.O. Box 3872

Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 387-0601

Media and GOTV Efforts

Media Exclusion – sign petition

Political exclusion from the media and organizations, which I coin as a form of segregation and political bigotry, is alive and well across the country. Below is an email I wanted to share from a fellow activist from California.

As you probably know, any candidate that is not a member of the
entrenched corporate-funded political parties (i.e., the Democratic or
Republican parties) is routinely excluded from participation in public
candidate debates.

Please take one minute to sign this petition to demonstrate your support
for opening candidate debates to independent and "third party"
candidates and broadening the spectrum of public debate:

If you have another minute, please ask your friends and acquaintances to
sign, too.

The email below is from Free and Equal, the organization sponsoring this
petition -- a very active organization dedicated to fairer ballot
access. You can learn more here:

NOTE: MPR has allowed Ken and the other minor party candidates on their Mid-day show on September 20th from 11a – noon. Though we are happy about this opportunity, we do not condone political segregation or political bigotry that the media and other organizations practice when candidates attempt to deliver their message.

GOTV Efforts

With less than eight weeks left until election day (Nov 2nd), we will focusing on GOTV efforts.

As mentioned in the previous campaign update, here are some suggestions:

1. Download campaign literature from our website and share in your community

Check out the link below for locations of farmers market to share campaign

materials at

2. Call radio station’s news directors and talk show hosts to have Ken on as guest or you can call in live, so your voice can convey the news about our campaign, also. Contact your local newspapers (see state wide media link listed by cities in attachment, it is quite long, but you will be able to pinpoint your local media by scrolling down to your preferred city) and other media outlets to help promote the campaign with letters to the editors and requests that all gubernatorial candidates get equal coverage. Let them know we are viable (as the Star Trib relayed to me on a phone call that we are not) and that it is a Catch 22 scenario that viability and media coverage go hand in hand.

WCCO Radio

Wendy Paulson
Program Director
(612) 370-0620

Studio Lines : (612) / (651) 989-9226
Toll Free Studio : 1-866-989-9226
Newsroom : (612) 333-9181

5-9am: Morning News

9-Noon: John Williams

Noon-3pm: Chad Hartman

3-6pm: Michele Tafoya

And more:

Main : (612) 370-0611
Facsimile : (612) 370-0159
Text : 81807
E-mail :

Minnesota Public Radio

Call-in (651) 227-6000
Newsroom telephone: 651-290-1424

Newsroom fax (for press releases, etc.): 651-290-1295

News tip e-mail:

Individual reporter e-mail addresses: MPR News staff directory

Call-in (651) 227-6000

9-11am: Midmorning with Kerri Miller

11-Noon: Midday with Gary Eichten

TPT Almanac

Viewer Services Telephone: 651-229-1330

Front Desk: 651-222-1717

Lorena E. Duarte

Media Relations Specialist

Twin Cities Public Television


950am KTNF

Nancy Nelson

Live Monday thru Friday: 5PM - 6PM
Call-In Line: 952-946-6205

The Matt McNeil Show (Local)

Live Monday thru Friday: 6PM - 7PM
Call-In Line: 952-946-6205

The Ed Schultz Show (national)
Email the Show
Live Monday thru Friday: 11AM - 2PM
Call-In Line: 1-877-934-6833

The Thom Hartmann Show (National)
Email the Show:
Live Monday thru Friday: 2PM - 5 PM
Call-in Line: 1-866-987-THOM (8466)

The Mike Malloy Show (National)

The Mike Malloy Show
Email the show:
Live Monday thru Friday 8PM - 11PM
Call-In Line: 1-800-989-1480

Local Media - Minneapolis/St. Paul


8811 Olson Memorial Highway

Golden Valley, MN 55427

Phone #: (763) 546-1111, 763-797-7215

Reporter: John Croman, 651-292-8988

The Patriot


Jason Lewis



CALL IN: 866-989-5855

KFAN Radio 1130 AM

1600 Utica Ave. So. Suite 400

Minneapolis, MN 55416

Phone #: 952-417-3000

Fax #: 952-417-3001

KKMS 980 AM/KYCR 1570 AM

2110 Cliff Rd.

Eagan, MN 55122

Phone #: 651-405-8800

KMSP TV – Fox 9 & WFTC UPN 29

11358 Viking Dr.

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

New Anchor:

Phone #: 952-944-9999

News Desk #: 952-946-5767

Fax #: 952-942-0455

KQRS 92.5 FM

2000 S.E. Elm St.

Minneapolis, MN 55414

Phone #: 612-617-4000

Fax #: 612-676-8292


3415 University Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55114

Phone #: 651-645-4500

Fax #: 651-642-4409

KSTP Radio KS95 94.5 FM

3415 University Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55414

Phone #: 651-642-4141

Fax #: 651-647-2904

KSTP Radio AM 1500

3415 University Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55114

Phone #: 651-647-1500

News #: 612-588-6397

Fax #: 651-647-2904

KSTP TV CH 5 Eyewitness News

3415 University Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55114

Reporter: Tom Hauser, 651-642-4455

Phone #: 651-646-5555

News Room #: 612-588-6397

Fax #: 651-642-4409

  1. Visibility/Creating Buzz (remember due to corporate media blackout many voters don’t even know that Ken and Erin are on the November 2nd ballot or that they are even running)
    1. Chalk Sidewalks: Urging people to vote for Ken with chalk on sidewalks and in other high foot-traffic locations
    2. Distribute posters, fliers, and homemade yard signs in high traffic locations:

i. Pass out Fliers at high foot traffic locations (rush hour lines, metro stops, movie lines, concerts, fairs, farmers markets, etc.)

ii. Put up yard signs in people’s lawns, in windows and at busy street intersections

    1. Car Parade: Get volunteers in 2 or more cars to drive around targeted neighborhoods with signs plastered to cars and (especially if you have loudspeakers or megaphones) urging people to vote for Ken and Erin. Know your local city/county rules on noise regulations.
    2. Displaying Signs/Banners:

i. On a high traffic morning or evening commute, you can reach between 20-40K cars in 2-3 hours by putting up a highly visible banner freeway overpasses during rush hour, standing at a busy intersection.

  1. Host a house party, contact the volunteer link on and we will get

back to you on scheduling a date to have Ken Pentel attend your gathering of friends,

family and neighbors.

Additional creative ideas not listed above to help spread the word are welcome!


A special thanks to all of the volunteers who have already donated time, money, hospitality, creative energy, strategy and support to the campaign. We wouldn’t be at this point without you! As always, more grassroots support is appreciated. Help build the campaign and assist Ken with his travels in the southern loop this fall by donating what you can online on the Get Connected page at or by mail at

Ken Pentel for Governor

P.O. Box 3872,

Minneapolis, MN 55403