Ken and Erin

Ken and Erin

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ken Interviewed by Latino community and Latest Press Release

Here is the link to the interview with Ken by the Latino community:

His interview is about 12 minutes into the video. Also check out the "Follow-up Discussion" below that.

And here is our latest press release:

Ken Pentel Proposes a Variety of Ways to Remedy the Budget Shortfall

“The budget shortfall is a matter of perception. This perception is shaped by those who have exploited and rigged the existing political system and economy to create the illusion of scarcity as they funnel vast wealth into their own coffers. We have more than enough money and wealth in and passing through Minnesota to remedy the budget shortfall. My budget priorities will reflect a healthy ecosystem, better democracy, and less economic stress for those in poverty.”

Below are few revenue streams:

1. Print a Minnesota Currency and/or vouchers to pay for the budget shortfall: $5 billion
2. Go back to the Minnesota 1977 tax rates: Approximately $7 billion
3. Charge a water fee at 1-2 cents/gallon on big users: Approximately $2 billion
4. A pollution tax from air and water emissions: Approximately $2 billion

Where to cut the budget:

Utilizing ecological whole-cost accounting we cut externalities, such as asthma from oil, unaccounted for nuclear waste, climate disruption, cancer, and many effects not in the bottom line of our economy. In the transition to an ecological economy there are a variety of positive outcomes. For example, local job creation would have billions of dollars recycling in Minnesota that normally leaves the state. Then the cost of government and taxes naturally comes down and we reduce our ethical deficit by not dumping our problems on future generations.

Monday, October 25, 2010

EDP and Ken Pentel for Governor Press Releases to Date

1. Forum Communications Minnesota Capitol Bureau Questionaire

Name: Ken Pentel
Birthdate: 3/7/61
Current home (city): Golden Valley
Political experience: 11 years as a grassroots organizer with Greenpeace. 12 years organizing with the Green Party of Minnesota. 18 years lobbying at the State Capitol. 3 times endorsed candidate for Governor by the Green Party of Minnesota (1998, 2002, 2006).
Other background (jobs, etc.):
High school and college education: Graduated from Hopkins Eisenhower High. Three years of college at the University of Minnesota and Santa Monica Community College.
Family (spouse, children): Single
Brief explanation about why you are running: I have seen the place I love treated with disrespect and I must respond. It's a call to conscience to take responsibility where other have not. Erin and I want to be honest with people and we just want people to be honest with themselves on what their way of life is doing to them, others, and this planet. We don't want to give the voters more smoke and mirrors. We are the party of healing. We want to heal the broken earth and we want to heal a broken electoral system. And with my experience and to that end I'm ready to serve the people of Minnesota as their Governor.

Brief reason why you think you are the best candidate in your race:
I feel the two most important criteria for being Governor:

1. Are initial judgments and mandates of the candidate relevant for the times we live?
The mandates of the campaign lend themselves to common sense and populist support: An ecology-based economy, proportional representation for the Minnesota House, and removing big money and corporate interference in our government are the necessary structuaral changes, leading to greater balance with our habitat and social communities.

2. Is the candidate prepared to fulfill the role of Governor?
I've been organizing in Minnesota for 25 years honing my facilitaton and leadership skills. I have talked personally with thousands of Minnesotan's and have a clear vision of what is in the best intrest of the State. I'm ready to be Governor.

2. Response to Organic Consumers who inquired about genetically modified organism's and our food system.

My running mate Erin Wallace and I are the ecological candidates. Our goal is to stamp Minnesota: "Small-Local-Sustainable-Organic."

Unfortunately, since I have been organizing to heal the earth, I've seen over and over again wise, knowledgeable movements generally voting for a political party (Democrats) which is counter to the movement's desired outcome. I consider this behavior one of the reasons our food systems are so sick and dysfunctional.

We challenge anyone who agrees with small-local-sustainable-organic to, at minimum, work and vote for political parties that offer continuity for these desired outcomes so they translate on the ballot line, or, start their own authentic political party and run candidates that get votes consistent with their grassroots work.

Take a look:,
Ken Pentel and Erin Wallace

3. Agri-News

My name is Ken Pentel and I am running for Governor with Erin Wallace as Lieutenant Governor. We are endorsed by Minnesota's newest political party, the Ecology Democracy Party.

I have three mandates:
First, an ecology based economy with the health of the economy based on the health of our water, air, soil and habitat. Whole-cost or life-cycle costs will be used as measures enabling small-local-sustainable-organic agriculture to grow. Additionally, value added products of wood and textiles from fiber will help localize energy dollars leading to a lower overall cost of living; dollars staying locally longer and resulting in less boom and bust and more of a steady state economy for Minnesota.

One tool I propose is a Minnesota currency. This will be made available at zero interest and will be redeemable against state taxes thereby stopping the interest-on-debt drain to the state's economy. It will be made available to rural economies as a transition tool to the ecology-based economy.

Second, decentralize political power electing the Minnesota House using proportional representation. If the "Save Rural Communities Party" receives 10% of the vote they will win 10% of the House seats.

Third, we want to remove big money and corporate interference from influencing Minnesota governance and give access to "We the People".

I bicycled 6,000 miles within Minnesota during the last three years talking to many farmers; these three mandates held up well in our conversations.

I see rural Minnesota as key to our ecological and economic revival and survival.

I am prepared to serve as Minnesota's Governor and to make these structural changes.

4. Our Mandates Require a Commensurate Response Proportional to the Problems

In the face of many ecological problems we have been guided to solutions such as picking up litter, recycling, using compact florescent light bulbs, putting in a low-flow shower head, walking to work, buying reusable bags for grocery shopping, and growing our own food. All of these in isolation have their merits but, as a whole, are a sick trick to keep the consumer thinking they are in some ways responsible for the ecological crisis and that by doing these things they are helping to solve the ecological crisis.

We can no longer be guided to incremental changes in the face of exponential problems. We must remedy the overconsumption of limited resources up front in the extraction and manufacturing of energy, transportation, and food production.

Ken Pentel's ecological economy for Minnesota would stabilize the economy by internalizing external costs. For example, when someone receives their electric bill they will see and pay -- the best we can calculate -- the whole-cost for displaced habitat, species depletion and extinction, the damage to rivers and wildlife from mountain-top removal, mining tailings, the toxic by-products from transport and refinement costs of uranium, coal and oil, the cost of 200,000+ years of nuke waste, decommissioning electric power stations, emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, cancer, death, lost days at work, global climate disruption, etc.. .

Using whole-cost measurements would inherently lead to efficient, renewable, local energy planning up front, keeping money local and lowering the overall cost of living for ALL Minnesotans.

5. Ken Pentel offers Minnesotans a means to “Model the way to truly green products and services”

Ken Pentel states “we are led to believe that we can fix our ecological problems by simply recycling, using low-flow plumbing fixtures and reusable bags, etc. All though these methods have their merits, they are incremental changes in the face of exponential problems. We must remedy the overconsumption of limited resources up front, in the extraction and manufacturing of energy, transportation, and food production.”

Ken Pentel proposes to solve our ecological crisis by implementing “an ecological economy for Minnesota that would stabilize the economy by internalizing external costs. Doing so will inherently lead to truly green products and services.” For example when someone receives their electric bill, “they will see and pay the whole-cost for displaced habitat, species depletion and extinction, the damage to rivers and wildlife from mountain-top removal, mining tailings, the toxic by-products from transport and refinement costs of uranium, coal and oil, the cost of 200,000+ years of nuke waste, decommissioning electric power stations, emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, cancer, death, lost days at work and global climate disruption. Using whole-cost measurements would inherently lead to up front efficient, renewable, local energy planning.”

6. I'm Ready to be Governor
By Ken Pentel

The Ecology Democracy Party emerged in early May of this year to introduce new concepts and a shift in the way we look at politics in Minnesota. I proudly accepted the nomination for Governor along with Erin Wallace as my running mate for Lieutenant Governor.

I have committed most of my adult life to protecting the place I live and love and to literally leave a better world -- eleven years with Greenpeace, twelve years with the Green Party, 18 years lobbying the State House, and now 4 times running for Governor. To date, I have failed on this mission.

It is painful to participate in political and economic systems which are rapidly deteriorating this beautiful place we live. It is even more painful to have to hear decision-makers and the most powerful in our society rationalize this behavior and hinder efforts to avoid ecological and social suffering.

I consider the weak, obsolete thinking of the people in the Republican, Democratic, and the Independence parties dangerous. During this severe ecological and economic collapse the policies and rhetoric of the major parties does not offer a commensurate or proportionate response to the problems we are experiencing. To the contrary, they are either indifferent or hostile to the necessary remedies.

Our habitats are under attack. Others have not taken responsibility. Erin and I want to offer a viable option to the unsustainable practices based on the current economic growth model and the undemocratic system that perpetuates this. Continuously being given incremental changes in the face of exponential ecological, social, and economic problems is a diversion and perilous for all of us. Our campaign is introducing three concepts that address structural changes in the Minnesota political and economic system.

First, we want to establish an ecology-based economy for Minnesota where we measure the health of our economy based upon the health of our natural resources. So, when our water, air, soil, and habitats become stronger the economy naturally becomes stronger. This leads to local food and energy, walkable, bike, train and bus friendly cities, and durable over disposable goods. The outcome would be an overall lower cost of living and dollars would come closer to home. Rather than working for the vast waste in our existing economic system we would have more time for friends and family, as well as social, creative, and contemplative time. We would end up with a steady-state economy that lives with the means of the resource base indefinitely.

Second, we advocate for proportional representation in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Currently, we participate in single member winner-take-all (WTA) districts. In a two party race, even if your party gets 49% of the vote you would end up with zero representation in the House. In this system of WTA and partisan redistricting we have predictable outcomes in “safe districts”; in a proportional system 10% of the vote would get your party or candidate 10% of the seats in the House. Most all democracies pick proportional voting and generally have 80-95% voter turnout. Huge numbers and next to impossible thresholds aren't needed to have your values reflected more honestly in the government. Perfect, no. But a much needed improvement over the the obsolete WTA system. More information can be found at

Third, we want to remove big money and corporate interference in our government so we can get access our own government. This would lead to ending corporate personhood and the absurd notion that money equals free speech. Further information can be found at
I feel structural change in the economy, the way we vote, and who influences our government has to happen first. Then, we can solve the big problems that are facing our common habitat and government.

If you are going to vote and you agree with what you just read then be consistent. When you walk into the voting booth on November 2nd, be honest with yourself and your values.
We encourage readers to go to: and click on the Issue Page to learn more about my campaign.


Ken Pentel for Governor and Erin Wallace for Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota advocate an end to corporate personhood for the protection of Minnesota, the nation, and the planet.

As Pentel/Wallace embark on removing big money or central money from politics, one of the barriers that must be removed immediately is the idea that a corporation is a person. This accepted definition in law has to cease. 
Corporations have enjoyed too much power for too long and not enough accountability for their actions -- all because of head notes written by a court clerk of the Supreme Court in 1886 on the court case Santa Clara vs. Southern Pacific Railroad. 
Corporate personhood has allowed the insidious tentacles of power to embed themselves and grow within our legal and political systems for the last 100+ years.

Multinational corporations can be in 1000 places around the world at the same time -- influencing and obstructing governments, saturating television and radio with their message, bombarding our politicians with money and lobby influence, and overwhelming our legal system to their advantage. These corporations dump poisons that knowingly cause disease and death and commit financial fraud and then go to Washington to get bailed out by taxpayers. No one person could get away with this, but the corporations can. 
A corporation is not a person. They cannot vote, yet they are granted 1st amendment rights to free speech and now, through Citizens United, large amounts of corporate cash can inundate elections, thereby further depleting the already meager power of actual American people to choose our elected officials and influence America’s future course.

For example,

-Xcel Energy easily spends $700,000-$2,000,000 lobbying each year in Minnesota and commands 30-50 registered lobbyists to orbit and infuse themselves into our government. This occurs even though "We the People" would prefer local, efficient and renewable energy sources. 
-The Koch brothers who own Flint Hill Energy are a major lobby interest in Minnesota enabling the contamination of the Mississippi River, as well as major funder of the global warming deniers.

-And for many decades 3M has lobbied and influenced our state to allow the burning and dumping of toxic poisoning at their Hutchinson incinerator and the contamination in the metro area for many years. 
This does not include all the corporate banks, agriculture, auto, home builders and many other corporate interests who dominate Minnesota policy making along with their surrogates, the Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Business Partnership, and the many law firms. 
This interference has allowed the corporation to consume states and countries to the point where they have set up their own layer of governance that transcends government through the North American Free Trade agreements (NAFTA), the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). 
According to Ken, “Over 18 years of lobbying at the State Capitol, I tried to get populist positions heard, introduced, and passed, and the corporate lobby dominated and undermined the wishes of the people time and time again. This breeds cynicism and anger at our government and makes elected official irrelevant.”

The Pentel/Wallace campaign will encourage citizens at the local level to pass ordinances, laws, and resolutions to end corporate personhood. 
Ken and Erin will use the available legal and political tools in Minnesota to remove corporate interference in Minnesota's government. As Ken states, “We will ask the Minnesota Attorney General to break new legal ground and/or join in national efforts to have the Supreme Court reinterpret the fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, and once and for all erase the non-legal decision of 1886 that a corporation is a human.”

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini

The only difference in our modern time is, instead of the state taking over and running the corporations, the corporations have seized power of the state.

7. Ken Pentel proposes the Minnesota Ecological Health Indicator for Economic Activity

Ecological Whole Cost Accounting for Minnesota will be our guide to develop a new indicator for measuring economic activity to replace the dysfunctional Gross Domestic Product indicator.
This new indicator, the Minnesota Ecological Health Indicator, will measure the degree to which each economic transaction restores the water, air, soil, and habitats to health and sustainability.

Ken Pentel states: “Ecological Whole Cost Accounting internalizes external costs. These are the costs not in the bottom line of bills for electricity, food, transportation, and garbage. This approach illustrates the advantages, ecologically and economically, in durable over disposable goods and saved over wasted energy.”

The Minnesota Ecological Health Indicator will illustrate the health of our economy based upon the health of our ecology. The indicator will show that our economy is failing when our waters, air, soil and habitats are polluted whereas, Ken Pentel states: “the indicator will show that our economy is flourishing when food is being produced in a local, sustainable, organic way, when there are more community gardens, homes and buildings are their own efficient and renewable energy providers, and when there are more bicyclists than drivers, and landfills and incinerators are extinct. An economy must repair and sustain in relationship to the limits of Earth.”

As Ken Pentel states: “A truly healthy economy is measured in the health of the non-human world.”

Tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 26

Ken: I will be participating in a Minor Party debate which has been scheduled while a Major Party debate is going on in Mankato.

Tuesday, October 26th

5:00pm Minnesota State-Mankato Campus, Minor Party Gubernatorial Debate, Armstrong Hall, Room 306

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ken on KFAI and on YouTube

Here's a link to the lastest interview with Ken on KFAI:

Also a link to an edited version of Ken's debate with the other minor party candidates on MPR with pictures on YouTube:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Newest Ken's Calendar

Ken's Calendar 10/23/10

(At any of the events below you can do advance work, spread the message in your own creative way, and/or join me. KP)

Sunday , October 24th

2:30pm-La Asambleas de Derechos Civiles Candidate Forum

Incarnation-Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church 3800 Pleasant Ave S., Minneapolis

Monday, October 25th

6:15pm- Flyer movie goers for "Troubled Waters". Agriculture and the Mississippi River.

Parkway Theater, 4814 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis 55417

Tuesday, October 26th

7:00pm-Ken Pentel for Governor Campaign Meeting, 1108 W.28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (Intersection of Dupont and W. 28th.)

Wednesday, October 27th

11:00-1:00pm-, Ridgewater College, Hutchinson Campus, Meet and Greet.

6:00-8:00pm-House Party hosted by David and Meg Luce, 426 29th Ave N., Minneapolis 55411

Thursday, October 28th

11:00-1:00pm-Ridgewater College, Willmar Campus, Meet and Greet..

Saturday, October 30th

11:30-Anoka Halloween Parade

Monday, October 18, 2010

Letter to Peace Activists

Dear Peace Activists,

The Ecology Democracy Party is proud to have Ken Pentel representing it on the ballot this November 2nd for Governor of Minnesota. However, many people we meet while campaigning are not aware of this -- and it is not for lack of trying. As a third party candidate there are many barriers to getting media exposure.

Since you may not have heard about our campaign, we are writing you today to educate you about our campaign and to talk about the disconnect that occurs sometimes between a voter's values and how they cast their vote.

For over 25 years Ken Pentel has been advocating for sustainable practices that affect our environment, our economy, and our democracy. Ken was a nominated candidate for governor three times with the Green Party of Minnesota. This will be his fourth run.

The newly formed Ecology Democracy Party was born out of the Ecology Democracy Network. Ken established the network in 2008 and bicycled over 6,000 miles throughout the state educating and laying a base of support for the transformation of the network into the political party. The focus of the Ecology Democracy Party is the restoration of our relationship with our natural environment and our democracy through structural changes in the economy, the way we vote and who influences our elected officials.

Minnesota is one of the most lobbied states in the country. In 2004 and 2005 alone over $50 million dollars was spent lobbying Minnesota policy makers and regulatory agencies. The average citizen cannot be heard.

This campaign advocates enforcing and expanding existing laws to remove the tentacles of big money and corporate interference in our government and putting an end to corporate personhood.

We have been chasing our tails on the same issues election cycle after election cycle. Corporate money interference at the state level makes it impossible for our voices to be heard. An example is the war.

For those of you who think that ending the war can only be addressed at the federal level, consider how the military industrial complex is bankrupting not just our country, but our state as well. They are given free use of the Minnesota National Guard and their resources for a war that is not only unjustifiable (unless of course you are entrenched in the oil industry), but illegal. Minnesota alone has had over $26 billion drained from its economy ( that could have been better spent within our state to make it financially self-sufficient and applied to more sustainable goals.

The Ken Pentel for Governor campaign challenges you to consider where your voting power will be applied this November 2nd and ask yourselves: Will this vote be in line with my values or my fears?

Dave Culver in a recent letter to the Evergreen Digest states:

“We ask you, how does voting fearfully, ignorantly, and irresponsibly (sticking with the Democrats, voting for the lesser of two evils, voting against someone) advance the Progressive agenda?...Like you, I have already heard the arguments, variations on a theme of fear, ignorance, and irresponsibility: We would be throwing away our vote and probably enabling the opposing party to win. If we don’t stay with the Democrats there is a huge chance that the right wing will win...My point is: We’ve already been doing it this way for years and look at the mess we’re in. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. If we continue to vote this way, how will things end up different this November?”

And Chris Hedges states:

“Let the politicians compromise. This is their job. It is not ours. If the left wants to regain influence in the nation's political life, it must be willing to walk away from the Democratic Party and back progressive, third-party candidates until the Democrats feel enough heat to adopt our agenda. We must be willing to say no. If not, we become slaves.”

With the current Democratic administration being complicit in the FBI raids of peace activists, we ask if you and your organization will continue to waste your vote on a party who smothers dissent and has been responsible for the majority of the wars since WW1? Go to our website ( and follow the "Issues" link to see our mandates to end corporate influence in our government, establish proportional representation in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and rethink the way we look at our economy by incorporating an ecology-based economy.

For Peace and justice,

Ken Pentel for Governor

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Countdown to Election Day

Pentel/Wallace supporters,

We are into the last weeks of campaigning and are in “sprint” mode. Our goals are to gain as much exposure for the campaign by following our Get Out the Vote criteria below.

Ken traveled to Glencoe last night to participate in the Glencoe Chambers of Commerce forum and saturated the area with campaign flyers. Below is an update of his schedule.

We encourage volunteers to join us to help flyer at the Anoka Halloween Parade on the 30th. More info to come on a meet up spot.

Tuesday, October 19th

9:45-10:10-Southwest High School, 3414 47th Ave S. Minneapolis

Thursday, October 21st

9:00am-Live Radio"Catalyst" on KFAI 90.3 FM or 106.7 FM

6:30pm- Hamline University, sponsored by the Native American Student Association, Sorin Hall, A&B room, Englewood & Hewitt streets

Sunday , October 24th

2:30pm-La Asambleas de Derechos Civiles Candidate Forum

Incarnation-Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church 3800 Pleasant Ave S., Minneapolis

Wednesday, October 27th

House Party hosted by David and Meg Luce, 426 29th Ave N., Minneapolis 55411, 6-8p

Saturday, October 30th

11:30-Anoka Halloween Parade (we will provide more details on where volunteers can meet up)

Countdown to Election Day Nov 2nd

What you can do to help!

Ken Pentel for Governor Get Out the Vote Efforts

Location for next meeting

Ken Pentel for Governor Campaign Meeting

Sept 28th, 7:00 pm

Andy Schuler's home

1108 W. 28th St. #1

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Map of 1108 W 28th St # 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota by MapQuest

Help spread the word, by placing campaign events from the Events page on your personal FaceBook sites

If we can get $5.00 from 200 people, we can buy 25 minutes of radio ads

If we can get $10.00 from 100 people, we can print up enough campaign flyers for the next 3 weeks

If we can get $20.00 from 50 people, we can pay for travels expenses for Ken’s campaign trail through November 2nd.

If 45 supporters purchase t-shirts, we can defray the State Fair booth expenses.

It’s easy, donate online at: Billing Information - PayPal

or send payment to:

Ken Pentel for Governor

P.O. Box 3872

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Download campaign literature from our website and share in your community. Check out the link below for locations of farmers market to share campaign materials at

Call radio station’s news directors and talk show hosts to have Ken on as guest or you can call in live, so your voice can convey the news about our campaign, also. Contact your local newspapers (see state wide media link listed by cities in attachment, it is quite long, but you will be able to pinpoint your local media by scrolling down to your preferred city) and other media outlets to help promote the campaign with letters to the editors and request that all gubernatorial candidates get equal coverage. Let them know we are viable and that it is a Catch 22 scenario that viability and media coverage go hand in hand.

WCCO Radio

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(612) 370-0620

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And more:

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Individual reporter e-mail addresses: MPR News staff directory

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Visibility/Creating Buzz (remember due to corporate media blackout many voters don’t even know that Ken and Erin are on the November 2nd ballot)

Chalk Sidewalks: Urging people to vote for Ken with chalk on sidewalks and in other high foot-traffic locations – simply write VOTE KEN PENTEL FOR GOVERNOR and WWW.KENPENTEL.ORG

Distribute posters, fliers, and homemade yard signs in high traffic areas

Pass out Fliers at high foot traffic locations (rush hour lines, metro stops, movie lines, concerts, fairs, farmers markets, etc.

New Quarter page:

Put up yard signs in people’s lawns, in windows and at busy street intersections

Car Parade: Get volunteers in 2 or more cars to drive around targeted neighborhoods with signs plastered to cars and (especially if you have loudspeakers or megaphones) urging people to vote for Ken and Erin. Know your local city/county rules on noise regulations.

Displaying Signs/Banners: On a high traffic morning or evening commute, you can reach between 20-40K cars in 2-3 hours by putting up a highly visible banner freeway overpasses during rush hour, standing at a busy intersection.

Host a House Party, contact the volunteer link on and we will get back to you on scheduling a date to have Ken Pentel attend your gathering of friends, family and neighbors.

Thanks again to all of the volunteers who have been putting their energy into the campaign.


Danene Provencher

Co-campaign Manager

Ken Pentel for Governor