Ken and Erin

Ken and Erin

Monday, October 11, 2010

Campaign Strategy

Our campaign strategy for the next few weeks will be EXPOSURE:
Pound the pavement (neighborhoods, crowds, farmers markets, email other events to core list)
Press the flesh (share lit with everyone you come in contact with)
Nag the media
Generate donations
Chalk the sidewalks
Spread the word (Events Page) on FaceBook or other e-media tools
Make yard sign
Create Ken Pentel for Governor posters for overpasses (you must be attached to the sign)

Countdown to Election Day Nov 2nd

What you can do to help!

Ken Pentel for Governor Get Out the Vote Efforts

Location for next meeting

Ken Pentel for Governor Campaign Meeting

Sept 28th, 7:00 pm

Andy Schuler's home

1108 W. 28th St. #1

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Map of 1108 W 28th St # 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota by MapQuest

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