Ken and Erin

Ken and Erin

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ken Interviewed by Latino community and Latest Press Release

Here is the link to the interview with Ken by the Latino community:

His interview is about 12 minutes into the video. Also check out the "Follow-up Discussion" below that.

And here is our latest press release:

Ken Pentel Proposes a Variety of Ways to Remedy the Budget Shortfall

“The budget shortfall is a matter of perception. This perception is shaped by those who have exploited and rigged the existing political system and economy to create the illusion of scarcity as they funnel vast wealth into their own coffers. We have more than enough money and wealth in and passing through Minnesota to remedy the budget shortfall. My budget priorities will reflect a healthy ecosystem, better democracy, and less economic stress for those in poverty.”

Below are few revenue streams:

1. Print a Minnesota Currency and/or vouchers to pay for the budget shortfall: $5 billion
2. Go back to the Minnesota 1977 tax rates: Approximately $7 billion
3. Charge a water fee at 1-2 cents/gallon on big users: Approximately $2 billion
4. A pollution tax from air and water emissions: Approximately $2 billion

Where to cut the budget:

Utilizing ecological whole-cost accounting we cut externalities, such as asthma from oil, unaccounted for nuclear waste, climate disruption, cancer, and many effects not in the bottom line of our economy. In the transition to an ecological economy there are a variety of positive outcomes. For example, local job creation would have billions of dollars recycling in Minnesota that normally leaves the state. Then the cost of government and taxes naturally comes down and we reduce our ethical deficit by not dumping our problems on future generations.

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