Ken and Erin

Ken and Erin

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Countdown to Election Day

Pentel/Wallace supporters,

We are into the last weeks of campaigning and are in “sprint” mode. Our goals are to gain as much exposure for the campaign by following our Get Out the Vote criteria below.

Ken traveled to Glencoe last night to participate in the Glencoe Chambers of Commerce forum and saturated the area with campaign flyers. Below is an update of his schedule.

We encourage volunteers to join us to help flyer at the Anoka Halloween Parade on the 30th. More info to come on a meet up spot.

Tuesday, October 19th

9:45-10:10-Southwest High School, 3414 47th Ave S. Minneapolis

Thursday, October 21st

9:00am-Live Radio"Catalyst" on KFAI 90.3 FM or 106.7 FM

6:30pm- Hamline University, sponsored by the Native American Student Association, Sorin Hall, A&B room, Englewood & Hewitt streets

Sunday , October 24th

2:30pm-La Asambleas de Derechos Civiles Candidate Forum

Incarnation-Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church 3800 Pleasant Ave S., Minneapolis

Wednesday, October 27th

House Party hosted by David and Meg Luce, 426 29th Ave N., Minneapolis 55411, 6-8p

Saturday, October 30th

11:30-Anoka Halloween Parade (we will provide more details on where volunteers can meet up)

Countdown to Election Day Nov 2nd

What you can do to help!

Ken Pentel for Governor Get Out the Vote Efforts

Location for next meeting

Ken Pentel for Governor Campaign Meeting

Sept 28th, 7:00 pm

Andy Schuler's home

1108 W. 28th St. #1

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Map of 1108 W 28th St # 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota by MapQuest

Help spread the word, by placing campaign events from the Events page on your personal FaceBook sites

If we can get $5.00 from 200 people, we can buy 25 minutes of radio ads

If we can get $10.00 from 100 people, we can print up enough campaign flyers for the next 3 weeks

If we can get $20.00 from 50 people, we can pay for travels expenses for Ken’s campaign trail through November 2nd.

If 45 supporters purchase t-shirts, we can defray the State Fair booth expenses.

It’s easy, donate online at: Billing Information - PayPal

or send payment to:

Ken Pentel for Governor

P.O. Box 3872

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Download campaign literature from our website and share in your community. Check out the link below for locations of farmers market to share campaign materials at

Call radio station’s news directors and talk show hosts to have Ken on as guest or you can call in live, so your voice can convey the news about our campaign, also. Contact your local newspapers (see state wide media link listed by cities in attachment, it is quite long, but you will be able to pinpoint your local media by scrolling down to your preferred city) and other media outlets to help promote the campaign with letters to the editors and request that all gubernatorial candidates get equal coverage. Let them know we are viable and that it is a Catch 22 scenario that viability and media coverage go hand in hand.

WCCO Radio

Wendy Paulson
Program Director
(612) 370-0620

Studio Lines : (612) / (651) 989-9226
Toll Free Studio : 1-866-989-9226
Newsroom : (612) 333-9181

5-9am: Morning News

9-Noon: John Williams

Noon-3pm: Chad Hartman

3-6pm: Michele Tafoya

And more:

Main : (612) 370-0611
Facsimile : (612) 370-0159
Text : 81807
E-mail :

Minnesota Public Radio

Call-in (651) 227-6000
Newsroom telephone: 651-290-1424

Newsroom fax (for press releases, etc.): 651-290-1295

News tip e-mail:

Individual reporter e-mail addresses: MPR News staff directory

Call-in (651) 227-6000

9-11am: Midmorning with Kerri Miller

11-Noon: Midday with Gary Eichten

TPT Almanac

Viewer Services Telephone: 651-229-1330

Front Desk: 651-222-1717

Lorena E. Duarte

Media Relations Specialist

Twin Cities Public Television


950am KTNF

Nancy Nelson

Live Monday thru Friday: 5PM - 6PM
Call-In Line: 952-946-6205

The Matt McNeil Show (Local)

Live Monday thru Friday: 6PM - 7PM
Call-In Line: 952-946-6205

The Ed Schultz Show (national)
Email the Show
Live Monday thru Friday: 11AM - 2PM
Call-In Line: 1-877-934-6833

The Thom Hartmann Show (National)
Email the Show:
Live Monday thru Friday: 2PM - 5 PM
Call-in Line: 1-866-987-THOM (8466)

The Mike Malloy Show (National)

The Mike Malloy Show
Email the show:
Live Monday thru Friday 8PM - 11PM
Call-In Line: 1-800-989-1480

Local Media - Minneapolis/St. Paul


8811 Olson Memorial Highway

Golden Valley, MN 55427

Phone #: (763) 546-1111, 763-797-7215

Reporter: John Croman, 651-292-8988

The Patriot


Jason Lewis



CALL IN: 866-989-5855

KFAN Radio 1130 AM

1600 Utica Ave. So. Suite 400

Minneapolis, MN 55416

Phone #: 952-417-3000

Fax #: 952-417-3001

KKMS 980 AM/KYCR 1570 AM

2110 Cliff Rd.

Eagan, MN 55122

Phone #: 651-405-8800

KMSP TV – Fox 9 & WFTC UPN 29

11358 Viking Dr.

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

New Anchor:

Phone #: 952-944-9999

News Desk #: 952-946-5767

Fax #: 952-942-0455

KQRS 92.5 FM

2000 S.E. Elm St.

Minneapolis, MN 55414

Phone #: 612-617-4000

Fax #: 612-676-8292


3415 University Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55114

Phone #: 651-645-4500

Fax #: 651-642-4409

KSTP Radio KS95 94.5 FM

3415 University Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55414

Phone #: 651-642-4141

Fax #: 651-647-2904

KSTP Radio AM 1500

3415 University Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55114

Phone #: 651-647-1500

News #: 612-588-6397

Fax #: 651-647-2904

KSTP TV CH 5 Eyewitness News

3415 University Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55114

Reporter: Tom Hauser, 651-642-4455

Phone #: 651-646-5555

News Room #: 612-588-6397

Fax #: 651-642-4409

Visibility/Creating Buzz (remember due to corporate media blackout many voters don’t even know that Ken and Erin are on the November 2nd ballot)

Chalk Sidewalks: Urging people to vote for Ken with chalk on sidewalks and in other high foot-traffic locations – simply write VOTE KEN PENTEL FOR GOVERNOR and WWW.KENPENTEL.ORG

Distribute posters, fliers, and homemade yard signs in high traffic areas

Pass out Fliers at high foot traffic locations (rush hour lines, metro stops, movie lines, concerts, fairs, farmers markets, etc.

New Quarter page:

Put up yard signs in people’s lawns, in windows and at busy street intersections

Car Parade: Get volunteers in 2 or more cars to drive around targeted neighborhoods with signs plastered to cars and (especially if you have loudspeakers or megaphones) urging people to vote for Ken and Erin. Know your local city/county rules on noise regulations.

Displaying Signs/Banners: On a high traffic morning or evening commute, you can reach between 20-40K cars in 2-3 hours by putting up a highly visible banner freeway overpasses during rush hour, standing at a busy intersection.

Host a House Party, contact the volunteer link on and we will get back to you on scheduling a date to have Ken Pentel attend your gathering of friends, family and neighbors.

Thanks again to all of the volunteers who have been putting their energy into the campaign.


Danene Provencher

Co-campaign Manager

Ken Pentel for Governor

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